Reach E-Newsletter Rock Stardom

Delegating your weekly or monthly e-newsletter to new talent is stressful. After all…

You seek a web writer who can deliver value that:

  • Keeps your company in the minds of past, current and future customers.
  • Encourages a 2-way dialogue with readers.
  • Ensures your company’s trusted and well-liked voice comes through in each message.
  • Maintains the credibility you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Clearly explains tips and advice.
  • Inspires reader action.

Sound right? Connect with me here or 646-926-7678 to discuss your e-newsletter.

If we team up, you can expect me to:

  • Meet regularly with you and your team to see what’s new and most important to cover.
  • Do the necessary legwork to ensure I grasp your company’s voice.
  • Acclimate to your tried and true continuity structure.
  • Offer ideas to take your already strong newsletter to the next level.
  • Encourage your readers to join the ongoing conversation.
  • Deliver finished editions on time…every time.
  • Re-purpose content for press releases, Trade magazine articles, marketing materials, etc.

Ready to discuss how I can help with your e-newsletter? Request a free 15-minute consult here or at 646-926-7678.

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