Web Writing:  Attract, Nurture and Retain Buyers

Which online copywriting projects would you love to hand off to a specialist?

I compiled a list of projects I specialize in. If you need copy that’s not listed, feel free to contact me here or at 646-926-7678. If I can’t fulfill your request, I’m happy to recommend a resource.

If we team up, I can plan, craft and optimize…

Core content pages that lead your visitors to comfy buying decisions.

Homepage that instantly assures your visitors they’ve landed in the right place.

E-newsletters that keep your business in the minds of past, current and future customers.

Customer case studies that let your happy buyers help you stand out in our over-crowded online marketplace.

Press releases that attract media coverage and generate buzz around your latest product, service, event, community project, etc.

Social media campaigns that inspires social sharing and builds brand loyalty.

Email campaigns that keep you in touch with your audience in a non-intrusive way.

Blog posts (and guest posts) that build credibility and confidence in your business.

Free download that entices visitors to leave their contact information.

Landing pages that grab attention and inspire visitors to take action.

Video scripts that hold your media-overloaded prospect’s attention and delivers your message in a clear, yet entertaining way.

Ready to see if we’d make a great team?

Request a free 15-minute consult here or at 646-926-7678. During our phone chat we’ll discuss how I can support your business.

Need more info?  Got it. Click here to explore how our partnership will work.