Have a Climber Lead Your Online Copywriting?

Sure.  But only if you think we’d make a great team.

You know how you can learn how a colleague works by spending time in their office?

The props. The banter. The photos.  All offer clues. To help you get to know me better, here’s a tour of mine…

Cliff View

Welcome to my weekend office…

CruxWhere I solve climbing puzzles.

Did you know climbing and e-content strategy share a common crux?

Yep, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for success.

Something I’ll keep in mind as I assess how to craft copy for you business.

Next stop…


How I learned to K.I.S.S.

02_slide_02c_2xMy 15-plus years of coaching clients in tv post-production, fitness and e-content strategy have taught me this…

Keep. It. Simple. Sweetie.

That means penning easy-to-digest content to showcase your solution, too.

No gnawing on chunks of copy during my watch;-)

Next up…


Meet Big Joe…

Coffee_slide_finMy right-hand man since 1999.

He keeps me fueled for:

  • Online marketing toolkits
  • Website review sessions
  • Blog posts & case studies
  • Landing pages & email sequences
  • Social media management

And he keeps me focused during client-work in these niches:

  • High-tech software
  • Climbing & outdoor adventure
  • Coaching & education

Where was Big Joe when…

Facing fear

“I hate to f***ing fall!”

Falling_slide01dI cried as I plummeted…

5 feet!?

I may be the wussiest 5.12 climber, ever. But I’m not afraid to face business fears.

I’ve faced fears like:

  • Speaking at industry conferences.
  • Interviewing a Fortune 500 CEO.
  • Teaching video workshops to the CIA & U.S. Army.
  • Editing promos for National Geographic & PBS.

Facing my fear of falling can’t be too far off, right?

Doesn’t matter, as long as I’ve got your back, right?


Words to climb and create by…

hands_01fThese words coaxed me through some tough cruxes during a 24-hour climbing competition.

They help off the cliff, too. After all…

“The way you live your life is exactly the way you will climb… ~John Long

“…and create.” ~Marianne Post

How can I help you breathe and have fun with your e-content challenge?

Next up…


My family’s team photo

06_Family_slideGrowing up in a large family taught me the skills to…

Build relationships.

Respect and listen to the needs of others.

Hit deadlines. Every. Time!

Smile at the challenge.

Support your business.


What's next

Thanks for joining me…

01_Slide_01dI hope this office tour helped you get to know me better.

Questions? Ready to connect? Feel free to reach me at 646-926-7678 or here.

If you need more info, first, gotcha. How about taking a spin around my services?

When you’re ready, I’m here to solve your e-content puzzles.

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